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 Text Box: Click Here To learn More About Our Cloud Dealer Management SystemsThe AMCAN Xperience Dealer Management System (DMS)


Here at AMCAN, we take great pride in offering Enterprise solutions to Small and Medium sized businesses. 

greenoutback[1]Most of our dealers would agree that the cost of maintaining their own networks and servers is a heavy burden on their bottom line.

When we decided to move into the era of cloud computing, we had to make a lot of decisions on what we would offer to our ever changing client base. 

Do we offer just our DMS / ERP solutions thru a browser on the clients own computing infrastructure?

Do we make our clients purchase additional / new hardware and add on software such as word processing software, anti-virus and backup software? 

Do we offer our software on multiple platforms such as Windows, Android & Apple or do we force users to be tied to windows desktops and browsers?

All of these questions had to be addressed in order to provide the best solution to offer to a client base with very different needs. 


A Solution to Meet Everyone's Needs

After a lot of investigation and input from our clients, we heard a common theme among them… “We Just Want A Service That Covers All Of Our Needs”. 

After Design, Development and Beta Testing, we have the solution that our client base is demanding. 

The AMCAN DMS Managed Desktop.

It is a completely managed desktop experience that can be accessed on any pre-existing hardware in a client’s business along with any Windows, Apple Or Android Device from anywhere in the world. 

It is Easy to use, Affordable and Secure.


Our New Cloud Based Systems Provide the Dealer with A Completely Managed Desktop for Every User without the Hassle of Buying Servers and Expensive Hardware.

No More Server Upgrading or Surprise Maintenance Costs

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DMS / ERP Solutions



The New AMCAN Xperience Suite of products provide all of our Current and Future Clients with a platform to Create Manage and Grow their Business.

Whether you are starting out with 2 Users or Expanding to 200 Users, or upgrading to latest and the greatest our in-house solutions have you covered.


Accounting—  Our Accounting package provides you with all modules needed to manage your financial needs including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Control Account Management, Cash Receipts, Cash Payouts, Reoccurring Billing and In-House Lending Management. All Modules are completely integrated with all other DMS / ERP Solutions such as Serialized Inventory, Finance and Lease Management, Point Of Sale, Orders and Receipts and Service/ Repair Order Processing.

Serialized Inventory—Keep control of your inventory with our completely integrated Inventory module, know what you have available, what you have on order and what it is really costing you with the click of few buttons.  Enter Inventory by simply entering the VIN, our Intelligent VIN Recognition system scans the VIN and Auto Populates Year, Make and Model info If Available.

Finance and Lease Management— Work the perfect deal for your Customer. Add multiple units to a deal, take in multiple trades and apply details about manufacture incentives to each unit being sold so that nothing is forgotten in Accounting and keep track of your Receivables.  Sell Value Added Products such as Insurances, Protection Plans and Extended Warranties.  Keep on top of Profit Margins with our Detailed Wash out Screens.

Point Of Sale— Create Estimates and Invoices easily and quickly with our newly designed POS Screens.  Order required items or select alternative Items in Stock directly from the Invoicing and Estimate screens, View and select superseded Item numbers and Past Superseded item numbers that still have stock on hand.  Manage Customer files and Create Special pricing rules for Thousands of Scenarios and Customer Types. Email and /Or Print Invoices for your Clients at the click of a button.  Pull reports such as Turnover Reports and Profit Reports that keep you in the Know about your Inventory.

Service / Repair Order Management— Schedule Service Appointments in 15 Min Increments and Know Exactly your Available Tech Time from our Scheduling Module, Export Schedule information automatically to Web Scheduling services for Customer On-Line Appointment Booking. Transfer Appointments to Open Repair Orders with the click of a button.

Create Orders for Current and New Clients Fast and Easy, Add multiple Labor and Part Item lines to a single RO and Bill them To Customer, Internal And Warranty Accounts. Manage Customer \ Vehicle-Unit files and Create Special pricing rules for Thousands of Scenarios and Customer Types.  Allow technicians to be assigned Jobs and Track Labor time with our Electronic Time Ticketing System.


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 Dealer Communications – AMCAN Connect 


AMCAN CONNECT is a set of tools used to interface with manufactures and outside suppliers that allow dealers to streamline processes that require double keying of information in many situations. The processes can be setup to run automatically or Prompt & Review by Department Managers.

With the use of Secure Ftp Data Transmissions we can now send any required information to Manufacturers or Outside Data Mining companies that dealers require.

This includes processing between the Dealer and the Manufacture or Outside Suppliers in the following areas:

Parts Order Uploads (Mfg.*. & Secondary Suppliers**)

4444670371_43b68c4ace_z[1]Repair Order Detail Uploading (Mfg.*. & Secondary Suppliers**)

Unit Inventory Uploading (Mfg.*. & Secondary Suppliers**)

Unit Sales Registration (Mfg.*. New & Used & Secondary Suppliers**)

CRM sales and Service History (Mfg.*. & Secondary Suppliers**)

*KIA, Hyundai, VW, Nissan.

*Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha & many Power Tool Suppliers.

** Aspen, CDK Global, Dealer Mine, Dealer Track, Dealer.Com, DMI, Market Trend, NewGen, OTC Systems, XTime & many more.

The AMCAN Connect System is available for all installation types. Automotive, Power Sports & Recreational.


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Familiar Applications To Work With


aiqexGE9T[1]AMCAN Cloud Servers have all the applications you need to do business pre-installed.  And don’t worry, we will do all the setup for you!!!

We have spent a lot of time deciding what basic applications are needed to run your business while keeping costs low.  AMCAN has pre-loaded software that can be used in harmony with the AMCAN Xperience DMS such as. 

Google Drive— Drive provides our clients with features such as document and spreadsheet creation though Google Docs and Google Sheets, All Google Applications provide our clients with the ability to work with MS Office documents without the high cost of buying Office for each user. It also provides Cloud based storage for all your business needs that can be accessed from your desktop, your laptop or your Mobile Device.  Google Drive Sync Allows you to keep your local files synced with the Cloud.

Open Office—Open Office provides our users with an alternative to MS Office for our Current and Future clients that prefer an application with the look and feel of a standard office application. It has all the power of MS Office without the Cost.  Use it to Data Mine, Create Spreadsheets, and Design and operate Email campaigns while connecting to your Xperience Customer database.

Bring Your Own Software— Have Software that you use daily that you need to use with your new Cloud System?  Speak to us about the applications if they are compatible and you have the Licenses we will move them to the Cloud for you.





Not Ready For The Cloud? Click Here To Download The Latest Upgrade